Torogathian flag

Torogathian flag

Torogathia is the second largest Human kingdom in Skazia. It has a powerful military force, and is located east of Thismonia, just under Renleave. Garnorossia is a nearby allied country. Torogathia is a German-based human Kingdom. Torogathia was one of the first Human Kingdoms created, along with Thismonia. The Torogathian and Thismonian kingdoms are usually at war. Torogathia is mostly slightly hilly farmland. There are large forests and mountains to the northwest of the Capital.

Political Info

Goverment Type

Feudalist Hereditary Monarchy

Head of Goverment


King's Council


King's Council

Regional Nobles

Miltary Command

Grand Marschall

Armee Council

Magie Council

Navy Council


Torogathian High Court

Regional Courts

Current Leader

King Diethelm IV

Societal Info

Capital City

Torogathian City


Torgathian Speak


Torogathian Silver Münzen

Offical Religion




7.5 million

Military Info


Grand Marschall

Wars Fought

The Third Conflict

The Second Conflict

The First Conflict

Torogathian Civil War

Garnorossian Trade War

Military Strength

350,000 soldiers

100,000 reserves


Torogathian Infantry

Torogathian Cavalry

Torogathian Knight Corps

Torogathian Navy

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